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Sunlight helps companies grow a highly engaging learning culture by facilitating their team's access to any course, book or event in the world. The challenge was to onboard 2 large (2000+ employees) corporates as part of the SI GPP agreement.

Our solution

Founding partner Thomas Rosenmayr spent 3 weeks as „embedded pirate“ with Sunlight in London to leverage his extensive network with corporate communications agencies and large corporates to support business development and go2market strategies of Sunlight.

The results

Working hands on at lead generation produced a number of new potential deals in the sales pipeline and considerably increased inbound leads. As valuable by-product extensive feedback was gathered on product, target audience and positioning of Sunlight.

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And here is what people say about us...

Hannes Aigner

CMO Bloom Diagnostics

It was a pleasure to work with Si Pirates on our value proposition and team alignment. Dieter's guidance throughout our 2 days team retreat was vital to build trust and identification in our team and get us ready for our upcoming challenges.

Guido Veth

VP Growth at wefox Group

The Si Pirates team helped us to find the right setup for our growth team. Besides their proven market experience we value their dedication, flexibility and curiousity which complements our internal team and provides us with valuable external guidance.

Matthias Blazanovic

CEO at Bikemap

Working with Si Pirates enabled us to take a look beyond day-to-day business and to identify the key levers to activate exponential growth. Together with Pirates we not only focused our marketing strategy to our core values, but also re-aligned what those values need to look like long-term.

Paul Varga

CEO of Playbrush

Speedinvest Pirates and their broad know-how, from creative planning to asset production and implementation, has helped our marketing efforts significantly and bridged internal gaps.

Andreas Gutzelnig

CEO of Storyclash

Speedinvest Pirates helped us to open a new market for our existing product. Revised collaterals, clear processes and joint sales meetings provided great insights and gave us traction in minimum time. The Pirates helped us massively to grow as a team in terms of market centricity.

Juan Lagrange

Co-founder and CEO of Sunlight

Tommy from Si Pirates relocated for 3 weeks to London and engaged deeply with our business development. Having a B2B sales expert fully embedded helped us to develop meaningful new relations at a minimum of time involvement from our side.

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