Startup & marketing еxperience combined to fuel your success

Startup marketing needs a unique skillset and we have assembled a diverse team to deliver it.

years of startup experience
projects with startups and scale-ups
Average NPS Score
Our mission

We research, understand and execute all topics Growth

Our no. 1 goal is to help founder teams grow their startups faster and more sustainably. Our products and services are outcome driven and help to raise the valuation of Startups.

Our partners

We are a trusted partner in the startup ecosystem

Our hands-on consultancy and lateral thinking has successfully unlocked growth potential at startups, scale ups and corporates alike.

Our team

We are experts that actually do the work for you.

Startups don't need more consultants to tell them what to do, they need bright minds and operational excellence. Strategy is important, but execution is king.

Dieter Rappold
CEO, Sales & Pricing
Bernhard Grabner
Co-Founder, Fundraising & Strategy
Jule Wilhelm
Senior Growth Marketing Manager
Roman Leeb
Senior Growth Marketing Manager
David Katic
Senior UX Designer
Natasa Vukobratovic
Growth Marketing Manager
Dina Mehulic
Content Strategist

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