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If there is one thing we are into, it is building systems and strategic frameworks that drive long-term growth and startup success on autopilot.

About us

Unconventional Strategies, Unparalleled Success

Speedinvest Pirates was founded by Dieter Rappold, a true entrepreneur at heart, and Bernhard Grabner, who adds technical expertise and creative genius. Driven by curiosity and a desire to break with conventional agency models, Pirates was conceived as an integral part of the Speedinvest Platform. Today they are delivering the growth support to founders everywhere and help investors to ensure portfolio success.

So, what makes Speedinvest Pirates a success story?

We believe it comes from our deliberate embrace of ambiguity. We thrive on navigating uncertainty and balancing the diverse needs of investors and founders.

We’ve shifted our focus from simply being efficient to being effective. That’s how we make a tangible impact and create value for the startups we work with.

Some big f*cking numbers to highlight our success

Over the past years, we’ve worked on a wide array of projects in the startup ecosystem with success.




Average NPS score


Completed projects


Growth marketing experts

More than consultants

A crew assembled for startup success

We are not an agency, we are start-up ecosystem players with full-stack skills and technical expertise. And we have the experience, the network, and the portfolio to prove it.

Built to support VC backed companies

Pirates was founded to support the portfolio companies of Speedinvest, one of Europe’s leading early stage venture capital funds. Today we work with investors and founders everywhere to help them achieve their goals.

Strong partners by your side

We’ve been in the game for a while and talk on eye level. We become your trusted ally, working collaboratively to provide guidance, support, and hands-on assistance every step of the way.

Years of experience and know how

Benefit from more than 10 years of experience in supporting startups and our expertise from over 200 finished projects across all sectors, funding stages and industries.

Full-stack skills & technical expertise

Take advantage of our full-service approach, combining strategic consultations, tailored workshops, and practical operational support that creates meaningful impact and drives your business forward.

Our team

We are experts that actually do the work for you

Startups don't need more consultants to tell them what to do, they need bright minds and operational excellence. Strategy is important, but execution is king.

Jule Wilhelm
Managing Director

Coming from a sports background, Jule has not only swum a lot of lanes but also explored several waters: From the corporate ocean to the startup sea, she is ready to take on your marketing challenges. As a Pirate, Jule thrives in leading marketing teams to achieve their ambitious brand and sales goals.

Roman Leeb
Senior Growth Hacker

Having spent 7+ years in B2B SaaS as a CMO, Roman not only made every conceivable mistake in the book (so you don’t have to!), but also picked up plenty of growth hacks and tactics along the way. Dabbles a lot with web scraping and has a special knack for marketing automation.

David Katic
Senior UX Designer

David is a versatile UX designer and Jack-of-all-trades. His outstanding skill set allows him to tackle challenges holistically. With a background in startups across different industries, he developed an eagle eye to ensure solutions that put the user first. From web design to product-led growth and pitch decks, he's got it all covered.

Natasa Vukobratovic
Growth Marketing Manager

A Pirate with multiple hats: starting the career path as a digital influencer, developing into a magazine contributor, and founding of her own fashion brand, today she brings a unique perspective to her role as a growth marketing manager. Natasa's creative mindset, organizational skills, and passion for entrepreneurship drive her goals going forward.

Dina Mehulic
Senior Content Strategist

Dina is a business strategist with a knack for driving growth. With 15+ years of experience in digital growth and brand building for Fortune 500 companies like Mastercard and Ikea, she brings valuable expertise. Dina thrives in fast-paced environments, leveraging Design Thinking and Strategic Foresight to craft impactful content strategies and lead inspiring workshops.

Manuela Dürager
Conversion Copywriter

Manuela started out as copywriter with a good understanding of consumer psychology and marketing trends. Learning about conversion opitimization, she fell in love with the customer-centric approach of conversion copywriting and never looked back. With creativity and a strategic approach she boosts startup success.

Luiza Figueiredo
Growth Marketing Manager

Solving complex challenges with creativity and empathy. Luiza has 360º experience in marketing during her professional career working with marketing agencies, retail franchises, and startups. A Pirate who likes to "Make it Happen".

Cecilie Auersperg
Junior Growth Marketing Manager

Cecilie manages branding projects, copywriting, and digital content. Her agency background equips her with the tools to turn complex ideas into engaging stories. Whether it’s scraping leads or overseeing owned channels, her creative approach and upbeat energy make her a valuable asset. With her, expect your marketing efforts to be handled with precision and enthusiasm.

Dieter Rappold
Active Shareholder/Strategic Support

A seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for growth and adventure, Dieter's journey spans over two decades. He built and exited a leading digital agency to found Speedinvest Pirates to support early-stage startups on their way to growth. He is also a senior lecturer at FH Johanneum in Graz where he teaches digital strategies.

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