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Our proven frameworks & strategies will help your business get to full potential faster. And we will work by your side to implement them, drive sustainable growth and maximize revenue potential.

The trusted growth partner for startups, scaleups, and SMEs

We have worked alongside with over 120 companies, big and small, to achieve their goals faster and better.

Our services

Your plug and play growth marketing team

Whether you’re just starting or already have an in-house marketing team, we provide holistic expertise and hand-picked resources to help you build a scalable growth engine that is built to last.

Business strategy & brand

We help you to tell the right story to the right people, so that every interaction they have with your company is worth more.


Our stacked team of experts are fluent in a wide range of channels and tactics, from social campaigns to product-led strategties.

Sales & pricing

From automated messaging to figuring out the right price point. We help you to shorten sales cycles and effectively increase ACV.

Our approach

We are agile, we learn together, and iterate along the way.

Our holistic strategies incorporate the long-term value of brand marketing with the direct response of performance marketing to maximize revenue.


We audit your current growth strategy to discover your growth potential.


We validate the ideas best fit for your brand through high-velocity rapid experimentation and learnings.


We commit to the strategies that ensure the highest ROI.


We continuously measure the results against your growth goals and KPIs and optimize as needed.


We scale experiments to full-funnel strategies to drive sustainable, compounding growth.

Our team

We will work hands on and by your side

A tight-knit team of proven experts with experience as growth marketers, brand strategists, entrepreneurs and investors. From early-stage startups to very well-known brands. Our NPS score is testament to our ways of working and high standards.

Team members
Happy clients
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Our proof

Take their word for it, not ours

From big wins out the gate to strategic, measured long-term results, we couldn’t be more excited to talk about our clients’ successes.

"Running our first marketing campaign, Speedinvest Pirates helped us not only exceed our own targets but also stopped us from making crucial mistakes in the process."

Lucas Fechtig

Co-founder, Zerolens

"Besides their proven market experience we value their dedication, flexibility and curiosity which complements our internal team and provides us with valuable external guidance."

Guido Veth

VP Growth, wefox Group

"Pirates enables you to speed up the implementation of campaigns and saves you time as well as money by consulting you with a ton of experience."

Gerrit Kisters

Head of Marketing, Schuttflix

Our offering

We have what it takes to kickstart growth

From big-picture strategies to deep operational expertise - whether you’re just starting or already have an in-house marketing team, we provide holistic expertise and hand-picked resources to help you build a scalable growth engine that is made to last.


Identify your sweet spot through finely crafted value propositions.

Web Design

Develop meaningful websites and landing pages that drive conversions.

Pitch Deck Support

Talk to investors in style. Tell your story with a new deck.

Social Ads

Run integrated campaigns across all platforms.

Product-Led Growth

Use your product as your number one sales tool.


Drive high-intent traffic to your website.


Find the perfect price with the biggest growth potential.


Unlock and leverage your network with LinkedIn outreach.

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