Unlocking organic growth and a culture of experimentation

We helped wefox to build a deeper understanding of the customer journey and run the experiments to optimise it.


Growth Hacking


6 months




The challenge

No growth mindset

Post their series A, the insurtec unicorn wefox clearly had established product-market fit. But while they successfully managed to scale their platform through paid channels, they still struggled with efficiency and organic growth. 

To take the next step in their journey wefox aimed to instill a growth mindset across the entire organisation to unleash long-term sustainable growth.


Functional teams with less interaction

Paid Growth

Heavy reliance on paid lead gen channels


Slow processes and little sharing of information

No North Star

No common goal for the whole company

The solution

Building a foundation for growth

Enabling sustainable growth through a process of experimentation and analysis.

Cross-functional team

In order to identify and implement improvements across the full value stream we put together a cross functional teams of wefox employees, thus promoting cohesion and efficiency across the whole organization.

Frameworks and tools

Together with wefox we developed a framework of tools and processes built for experimentation and rapid prototyping.

In biweekly meetings insights were shared and new experiments discussed, while maintaining the ICE-ranked backlog and tracking results.


State of the art tools to enable the work as a growth team


Setting up a process to turn hypotheses into tests


Being active members of the team to help avoid mistakes


Tracking results in a structured way.

The result

A quick start to long term success

Our guidance helped wefox to start putting growth ideas into practice instantly.

A new way of working

Working together to find solutions for common problems, the cross functional growth team was able to deliver more innovative, more comprehensive solutions fast.

Under our guidance they quickly shifted into a mode of rapid experimentation and started testing their hypotheses quickly.

The Si Pirates team helped us to find the right setup for our growth team. Besides their proven market experience we value their dedication, flexibility and curiousity which complements our internal team and provides us with valuable external guidance.

Guido Veth

Ex VP of Growth, wefox


Meetings of the growth team over the course of 6 months


Experiments created for the backlog based on user journey hypotheses


MVTs designed and completed to test for growth


Uplift on scheduled consultations in 1st MVT

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