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We value our clients as partners and grow along their side. Our team is dedicated to becoming a part of our clients’ brands and meeting their unique needs.

Here are a few stories about how we helped our client partners achieve their growth goals.

Invest 15€ per day to reach €30 Million in potential sales

In partnership with Wood_Space, a leader in sustainable modular housing, we embarked on a mission to not only amplify sales but also enhance their digital footprint through specialized landing pages and targeted paid campaigns.


Potential revenue of projects received from SQLs


Cost per lead: For an average revenue per project of €1.5M

Transforming KOMO's vision into an investor-ready pitch deck

In a strategic collaboration with Komo, a kitchen studio software startup, we developed a targeted pitch deck to effectively communicate their vision, attract vital investor interest, and secure funding for growth.


Comprehensively crafted slides


Key perfomance indicators

Utilizing design to communicate technical expertise

We transformed Solvo.ai’s minimalistic branding into a sophisticated visual identity to match its technical expertise. Over four months, we developed a distinctive logo, color palette, and typography, ensuring the brand communicated professionalism and innovation. We also redesigned Solvo.ai’s landing page into an engaging, user-friendly website that seamlessly integrated the new brand elements.

Crafting strategic narratives for market impact

In a collaborative endeavor with Flinn, a pioneering force in the MedTech industry, we embarked on a strategic mission to refine their content strategy, crystallize their brand voice, and identify effective communication tools to engage clients throughout their customer journey.


Innovative Content Ideas


Slides of pure Strategy

Redefining teams and processes for strategic success

Driving market penetration and lead generation for Tree.ly through comprehensive marketing strategy and execution


Value of the sales pipeline generated from marketing initiatives

2 key roles

Leading to a more agile and effective marketing operation

Establishing an online presence on LinkedIn

We collaborated closely with Tenyks to build a robust LinkedIn presence, focusing on personal branding for the founder. Through strategic content creation and targeted engagement, we significantly boosted their follower count and overall engagement.


Total Impressions


Average impression per post

Growing a newsletter user base in 5 days

We developed together with the Innovation in Politics Institute (IPI) a content platform to engage with their users and bring political insights to political parties.


Newsletter subscribers


Average open rate

Reaching a niche audience without paying a premium

How we drove customer acquisition for Schüttflix and their B2B marketplace.


App installs


B2B sales

Unlocking organic growth and a culture of experimentation

How we helped wefox to build a deeper understanding of the customer journey and run the experiments to optimise it.


Growth hacks (MVPs)


Increase on key metric

Reaching a niche audience without paying a premium

How we helped a B2B fish marketplace set up a storefront for home chefs over night.


Returning customers rate


Product market fit score

How we generated 1,000+ leads in less than a month

Zerolens is a Startup from Vienna building a virtual photo studio to transform the content industry. With our help they collected pre-signups before their public launch.




Cost per lead

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