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Crafting strategic narratives for market impact

In a collaborative endeavor with Flinn, a pioneering force in the MedTech industry, we embarked on a strategic mission to refine their content strategy, crystallize their brand voice, and identify effective communication tools to engage clients throughout their customer journey.


Content Strategy
Brand Voice Articulation Strategic Communication Planning


4 months


2023 - 2024



Organic Growth

The idea

Crafting a Unique Voice in MedTech

Flinn approached us with a clear need: to carve out a distinct space in the crowded MedTech landscape through a robust content strategy and a resonant brand voice. The challenge was multifaceted: to articulate Flinn's commitment to define a brand voice that would echo through the MedTech corridors and employ strategic communication tools to captivate clients at various touchpoints of their journey.

The solution

A Symphony of Strategy and Creativity

Our collaboration with Flinn unfolded over a series of three workshops of intense brainstorming and strategic planning. These workshops were the place where ideas met execution. We delved into Flinn's core, extracting the essence of its mission, vision, and the impact it aspired to create.

Tone of Voice Definition

We created a meticulous process to pinpoint Flinn's brand voice, ensuring it was aligned with their core values and market positioning. This exercise was not just about finding the right words but about encapsulating Flinn's identity in a way that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of their audience.

Content Strategy Development

The cornerstone of our strategy was the creation of Ideal Customer Personas (ICPs), derived from an in-depth analysis of Flinn's target audience. This understanding led to the mapping of a customer journey, tailored to the nuances of Flinn's market segments. We identified key influencers and decision-makers within the ecosystem, crafting a messaging framework that speaks directly to their needs and aspirations.

The result

Tailored approach and strategic growth 

The culmination of this process was the development of six innovative content concepts, framed within the Hygiene, Hub, Hero content model, designed to engage, inform, and inspire Flinn's audience at various stages of their journey.

A Blueprint for Future Engagement

The strategic content framework we developed for Flinn is set to enhance their engagement with both existing and potential clients. While the full impact of this strategy will unfold as Flinn implements the playbook, the foundation has been laid for a more coherent and impactful communication strategy.

The 70-slide playbook, enriched with actionable content ideas and creative strategies, is designed to guide Flinn through the complexities of content marketing in the MedTech space. It represents a comprehensive resource for Flinn, equipping them with the tools needed to craft messages that engage, inform, and inspire their audience across various touchpoints.

By focusing on strategic clarity, audience understanding, and creative content development, Flinn is poised to strengthen its brand narrative and foster deeper connections with its audience.


Innovative Content Ideas


Slides of pure Strategy

Working with Speedinvest Pirates to develop our content strategy playbook was a key step for us. Their structured approach and insightful workshops not only clarified our brand's mission but also provided us with a strategic roadmap and actionable content ideas to enhance our engagement across key customer touchpoints.

Markus Müller


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