Case study

Invest 15€ a day to reach €30 Million in potential sales

In partnership with Wood_Space, a leader in sustainable modular housing, we embarked on a mission to not only amplify sales but also enhance their digital footprint through specialized landing pages and targeted paid campaigns.


Growth Marketing,
Web Design & Paid
Media Management


4 months




The idea

Customized Digital Marketing for Distinctive Sectors

After identifying opportunities in the kindergarten and employee accommodation sectors, our mission focused on developing a specialised digital marketing strategy. The aim was to showcase Wood_Space's eco-friendly, modular wooden construction solutions, ensuring they resonated with the unique needs and preferences of each sector.

The solution

Tailored Digital Marketing Initiatives

Our comprehensive approach included creating dedicated landing pages for key Ideal Customer
Profiles (ICPs): kindergartens and tourism, and targeted campaigns focused on sales qualified
lead generation.

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

In our digital marketing strategy for Wood_Space, we concentrated our efforts on a Google Ads campaign targeting audiences interested in sustainable, affordable, and fast-constructive solutions for their businesses for each use case. To further enhance engagement, each page featured a white paper crafted with conversion-friendly copywriting, serving as an effective MQL magnet.

Landing Page Development

We constructed two specialised landing pages for Wood_Space, each meticulously tailored to their primary Ideal Customer Profiles. This involved not just the design and technical setup but also conversion copywriting and the user journey. Central to our online marketing strategy, these pages provided precisely targeted information and a seamless user experience.

The result

Tailored approach and strategic growth

Our in-depth strategic planning and focused decision-making on specific use cases enabled us to develop highly customised landing pages and marketing campaigns. This targeted approach, paired with our extensive paid campaign efforts, markedly boosted Wood_Space's brand profile. As a result, we saw a significant uptick in Sales Qualified Leads, paving the way for strong market penetration in the two new sectors.

Impactful Sales Conversion

In our marketing partnership with Wood_Space, we successfully combined custom landing pages, outreach campaigns, and webinars to greatly increase inquiries for their innovative solution. This approach boosted Wood_Space's brand visibility, as seen in heightened website traffic and campaign engagement. The synergistic use of landing pages and a well-planned paid campaign significantly exceeded our expectations in generating service requests. Our efforts effectively enhanced Wood_Space's market presence and demand.

After the success of our B2B Use Cases in kindergarten and employee accommodation, we are currently working on our next project together with Wood_Space.


Potential revenue of projects received from SQLs generated through Paid Media Campaigns


Cost per lead: For an average revenue per project of €1.5M

"Pirates are the first performance marketing agency we have worked with that understands both the high-quality development of brand communication and the technical implementation of (cost-) efficient online campaigns. From the very first second, we had the feeling that they understood and internalized our way of thinking and the product.

Together with them, we have been able to increase our deal pipeline tenfold over the last 6 months and are very motivated to continue working together to continuously grow our brand."

Dominik Kraihamer

Head of Sales

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