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The Challenge

Navigating a complex industry with an inexperienced marketing team's nascent marketing team faced the daunting task of carving out an effective strategy in a complex, multifaceted industry. Without a solid marketing foundation or a clear go-to-market approach, the team struggled to devise strategies for engaging with a diverse audience in the sustainable marketplace. The absence of streamlined workflows and established processes further intensified the challenge, hindering the team's ability to craft and execute impactful marketing strategies within the DACH region.

The solution

Strategic revitalization and precision lead generation

To navigate's marketing challenges, we focused on three key solutions within our holistic marketing and sales enablement strategy.

Strategic CMO leadership

We provided strategic oversight by acting as the CMO, aligning the marketing team's efforts with the company's broader goals. This role was crucial in bridging the gap between the founders and the marketing team, ensuring a cohesive approach to all marketing initiatives.

Marketing team enhancement

We guided's marketing team in enhancing their operational efficiency. Our intervention extended to streamlining their content creation process, setting up and optimizing their CRM system (HubSpot), and supporting ad-hoc tasks such as partner collaborations, webinars, newsletters, PR releases, and event planning. These targeted improvements were designed to elevate the team's efficiency and align their efforts with the dynamic demands of their industry.

Lead generation campaigns

We placed a strong emphasis on cultivating high-quality leads through multi-channel campaigns, utilizing cold outreach, email, and LinkedIn. The development of a dedicated landing page and targeted paid traffic campaigns were pivotal in attracting the right audience. Moreover, we worked closely with the sales team to develop and refine sales materials, ensuring they were equipped with the tools necessary for success in their engagements.

The result

Strategic revitalization and team expansion

Our strategic oversight and operational enhancements led to the formation of a robust marketing team, adept at navigating the complexities of the carbon credit marketplace. This strategic pivot not only rejuvenated's marketing efforts but also positioned them for significant market penetration in the DACH region.

Impactful lead generation and sales growth

The implementation of targeted lead generation strategies and the establishment of a cohesive sales and marketing framework culminated in notable successes:

Sales Pipeline Growth:
We generated a sales pipeline valued at €200K, directly attributable to the newly instituted marketing strategies and lead generation campaigns.

Marketing Team Expansion:
The marketing team saw the addition of two key roles—a Senior Marketing Manager and a Junior Content Creator—further supporting's marketing capabilities and capacity for sustained growth.


Value of the sales pipeline generated from the new marketing initiatives.

2 Key Roles

A significant enhancement in team structure and marketing processes led to a more agile and effective marketing operation.

"Speedinvest Pirates provided us with the specialized digital marketing expertise we needed, filling the gaps our small team couldn't cover alone. Their holistic approach to growth went beyond traditional marketing, delivering impactful strategies tailored to our unique needs."

Jodok Batlogg

Founder & CEO

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