How we generated 1,000 leads in less than a month

Zerolens is a Startup from Vienna building a virtual photo studio to transform the content industry. With our help, they collected pre-signups before their public launch.


Digital Advertising


1 month




The challenge

Acquire leads and show traction

To show traction for the next funding round pre-revenue and before their SaaS solution launched in the broader market, Zerolens aimed to acquire 1,000 relevant leads in the form of pre-launch sign-ups. This way they could prove PMF and show significant traction.


User were not able to fully sign up yet.

Show Traction

Show growth before the next funding round


Market interest through waiting list sign ups

Lead Gen

Use digital paid ads to generate leads

The solution

Optimizing on data, not gut-feeling

Building a data foundation to make informed decisions on campaign performance.

Campaign phasing

In Phase 1, we focused on building a data foundation and let the Facebook Algorithm understand the behavior of the target group.

In Phase 2, we capitalized on our data-based insights, built lookalike audiences and optimized on conversion rates.

Landing Pages

We created two Landing Pages focusing on the specific needs of these target segments as well as ad-sets for Facebook and Instagram.

We consciously decided not to use LinkedIn because of its high CPL and used Viral Loops as a supporting Referral Program. 


Channel selection and ad formats

Landing Pages

Building bespoke landing pages for target groups


Daily optimization of ad channels and landing pages


Measuring and reporting on campaign metrics

The result

Delivering high quality leads

Our campaign both delivered on the qualitative and the quantitative side.

Successful strategy

Strategic campaign phasing and a optmising on creative rather than target group delivered relevant data insights and allowed us to bring CPL down to 1 EUR.

On the qualitative side we delivered sign-ups from high profile companies such as PepsiCo, Unilever, Ben & Jerry's and many more.

“Speedinvest Pirates helped us not only exceed our own targets but also stopped us from making crucial mistakes in the process. With their approach, Pirates sets you up for future campaigns by openly sharing their experience and secret sauce with you.”

Lukas Fechtig

Co-Founder & CEO, Zerolens

27 Days

Campaign runtime for ads and referral program


Overall campaign cost per lead


Leads generated over the full runtime of the campaign


Of leads signing up via the referral program

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