Case study

Growing a newsletter user base in 5 days.

We developed together with the Innovation in Politics Institute (IPI) a content platform to engage with their users and bring political insights to political parties.


Content Marketing


3 months




The idea

Building an inspiring content platform

IPI identified a gap between learning & development in political parties. Especially beyond the own country it is more challenging to learn from other parties and often politics is tribal and everyone tries to somehow preserves their own knowledge. 

Therefore, the team decided to test how we can create an inspiring content platform that talks about political insights with an innovative angle on democracy in the 21st century.

The solution

A newsletter about political insights

Building a new way on how to share political insights and developing an audience for innovative democracy in the 21st century.

Branding & Positioning

Thanks to an in-depth branding & positioning workshop we developed clear brand values and a personality for the new platform. We defined the why, how and what in order to get to the essence of their brand.

Content Brainstorming

SiP organized two workshops in which we brainstormed around concrete content ideas for our platform: We defined the content formats that we want to use, and identified how we will test the different content formats during our trial phase in order to make fact-based decision for the future.

Tools & Processes

While the Pirates team developed a brand playbook with the new identity, designed a landing page and a newsletter, the IPI team started to identify the best suited authors that could write about the identified content. After a final workshop in person we could launch our first newsletter beginning of November.

The best part? In order to test the potential success of this project, we didn’t have to build a full content platform from scratch but rather leverage Medium as an already existing platform and only build an additional sign up landing page. This helped us to be much faster, flexible and to test and iterate.

The result

A fast growing newsletter audience.

Our ideas and experience made it possible to set up this project in a short amount of time and grow it organically in no-time.

Organic content for the win.

Thanks to the incredible network from the IPI team, we were able to grow our subscriber base to already more than 800 people with only three newsletter issues - and all of this without any paid promotion.

Now we are ready to analyse, adjust our content and hopefully build the platform that shapes democracy and political insights in the future.

Speedinvest Pirates supported us with conceptualising a prototype for a publishing platform for political professionals which we rolled out in a test phase. Our collaboration was very goal-oriented, professional and we had fun working together - the whole team was amazed and the results speak for themselves. Thanks and always again!

Josef Lentsch

Managing Partner at IPI


After only 5 days we could mobilize already more than 800 subscribers.


An average open rate of the three first newsletter issues.


Only 8 people unsubscribed from the newsletter in the first 4 weeks.


On average more than 6% of readers clicked on the articles.

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