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Transforming KOMO's vision into an investor-ready pitch deck

How we helped KOMO craft an impactful pitch deck for their first fundraising round


Pitch Deck creation


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Pitch Sparring

The Challenge

Creating a pitch deck that would attract VCs

KOMO, a pre-seed kitchen studio software startup, aimed to launch their first fundraising round. Despite their extensive expertise in kitchen studios, they lacked the knowledge to create a compelling pitch deck to attract investors. Founder Sebastian, an experienced kitchen studio owner, needed to effectively communicate the value of his software solution to potential investors.

The solution

Developing a targeted and engaging pitch deck

To support KOMO in their fundraising efforts, we focused on creating a pitch deck that effectively communicated their value proposition, market potential, and growth strategy. Our holistic approach was designed to highlight KOMO's unique insights and technical strengths in the kitchen studio industry.

Deep dive into the founder story

We started by understanding KOMO's founder story and mission. This helped us craft a compelling narrative that emphasized their founder-market fit. With firsthand experience in the challenges kitchen studios face, we positioned KOMO as the ideal solution provider with a deep understanding of industry pain points.

Structuring the pitch deck

We structured the pitch deck to flow logically and engage investors. We highlighted the current industry landscape, specific challenges faced by kitchen studios, and how KOMO's solution addresses these issues. We showcased their proof of concept, go-to-market strategy, business model, and market size to demonstrate a well-thought-out plan and significant market potential.

Key metrics & team strength

To ensure investors saw the full picture, we included key metrics, the team’s skills, and strategic partnerships. This section demonstrated KOMO’s ability to execute their vision effectively. We concluded with their funding requirements and how they plan to use the raised capital to scale their operations and achieve their growth targets.

The result

An investor-ready pitch deck

Our collaborative effort resulted in a well-structured pitch deck effectively communicating KOMO’s value proposition to investors. The pitch deck positioned KOMO as a promising startup, ready to revolutionize the kitchen studio industry with their innovative software solution.


Comprehensively crafted slides


critical metrics showcased

"The team at Speedinvest Pirates transformed our pitch deck, making our story clear and compelling for investors. Their expertise and structured approach were invaluable. We’re thrilled with the results!"

Sebastian Kolbe

Founder & CEO

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