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Establishing an online presence on LinkedIn

Elevating Tenyks through strategic LinkedIn branding, emphasizing the founder's persona to foster engagement and community growth.


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Establishing a LinkedIn presence

Tenyks approached us with the challenge of building a robust social media presence on LinkedIn, particularly focusing on personal branding for the founder. With limited internal resources and the founder's constrained availability, there was a need for us to tackle these crucial tasks and contribute to Tenyks' overall growth.

The solution

Crafting a unique LinkedIn identity

Our solution involved collaborating closely with Tenyks to develop a strong personal brand for the founder on LinkedIn. This included content themes and the type of posts that would resonate with the target audience. Given the founder's limited availability, we worked efficiently to maximize impact.

Content Strategy

We formulated a content strategy that included posts about the team, behind-the-scenes glimpses, articles showcasing industry expertise, and engaging posts about Tenyks' mission and values. The goal was to humanize the brand, establish a connection with the audience, and position the founder as a thought leader in the industry.

Sparring Sessions

Incorporating sparring sessions with internal team members, we ensured a seamless alignment between the internal vision and the external portrayal. This approach helped us facilitate a more authentic representation of the founder and the brand.

The result

Strengthened brand presence and engagement

Our collaborative effort significantly strengthened Tenyks' LinkedIn presence. We observed a notable increase in followers, indicating a growing audience interested in the content we curated. The engagement metrics, including likes, comments, and shares, reflected a positive reception to the content strategy.

Outstanding LinkedIn performance

Check out the rapid growth Tenyks achieved in just a few months.


Amount of organic follower growth


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“Speedinvest Pirates expertise in personal branding and content writing significantly enhanced our online presence, allowing us to spend more time on core business activities. It was truly rewarding to see our vision come to life on social media channels.”

Arianna Bakker

Strategy Lead

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